Beating the Heat at Your Summer Wedding!

Beating the Heat at Your Summer Wedding!



A summer wedding outdoors is unlike any other. It's a gorgeous day, there is a lot of green grass and trees, and the daylight lasts forever. Weddings in the summer are especially romantic, but there is one very important consideration to bear in mind: the heat. Temperatures can get pretty hot depending on the month and location. Our experience with summer weddings has given us some tips and tricks. Here are our favorite ways to beat the heat at a summer wedding for couples who want all the excitement of a summer wedding without the heat!


Pre-Ceremony Refreshments
You can welcome your guests at your ceremony by placing a water station near the entrance. No matter what, hydrating your loved ones before the long night and cocktails ahead is a great idea in general. Combining style and functionality is possible with a dedicated beverage stand. For a wedding in the warm weather, this is an absolute must. Make rehydrating part of your wedding aesthetic since your guests will eventually need to do so? A monogrammed cup or floral arrangement, a homemade sign, and a fun straw will add a touch of whimsy to your stand. You can also serve citrus and fruit-flavored drinks as a special treat, in addition to plenty of ice water to keep your guests hydrated.


Make Your Own Shade (Or Use Natural Shade)
You'll certainly need some time for your guests to relax, so they'll probably head for the shade. Make sure your venue offers natural shade and that it is accessible to guests. Provide comfortable seating so they can relax as much as possible. There may not be much natural shade available, but don't worry! You can make your own shade in so many ways. Make your guests' lives more comfortable by putting up tents! If it's 90 degrees outside, you'll feel comfortable enough to dance all night.


Make Sure the Menu Is Planned Accordingly
Summertime favorites like snow cones and cocktails adorned with popsicles celebrate the summer season while keeping everyone cool! An ice cold drink is the perfect refreshment on a blazing hot day. Provide cold beverages to your guests at cocktail hour and during the ceremony to keep them hydrated. There are many drinks you can choose from, such as water, lemonade, cocktails (or mocktails), frozen drinks, and so on. The benefits of coconut water are that it replenishes electrolytes and keeps guests feeling healthy during tropical or destination weddings. In addition to keeping guests cool at a summer wedding, providing them with tasty frozen treats adds a cute and nostalgic touch. If you want to up the whimsical factor, you can serve snow cones, popsicles (alcoholic or non-alcoholic), or an ice cream cart.


Customize Hand Fans for Your Guests
You can keep your guests cool with hand fans during your outdoor ceremony if you don't have shade. It is also a great way to commemorate your special day, which is why we love customized fans. You can keep them as keepsakes to remember the day you sealed your eternal love. The thoughtfulness of providing hand fans will definitely be appreciated by your guests, and you will be glad you kept them after a decade or two.


Choose a Lightweight Wedding Gown



With lightweight materials such as chiffon, tulle, crepe, organza, or satin slip dresses, you can't go wrong! Choosing a fabric that’s more breezy is perfect to keep cool during your summer wedding and these styles flatter all body types. Choose an open back or one with a slit for extra comfort.


Preparing for the heat at your summer wedding doesn’t have to be a hassle! You can make the process fun by using your creativity. We want you to enjoy every single moment of your wedding! If you need help finding the perfect dress, book an appointment with us today!