Tips for having an Earth-friendly wedding

Tips for having an Earth-friendly wedding

Planning for your wedding day is one of the most exciting moments for any newly engaged couple. For the duo that’s into sustainability, planning for your big day is a way to show your guests how fulfilling it is to embrace nature ethically while also being unique to you and your values. We’ll share some tips for prepping a luxe, eco-loving bridal experience! 


Earth-Friendly wedding bands + Engagement Ring 



 As you may know, diamonds have been a topic of conflict for years as their mining is often harming the planet. Finding used, vintage, recycled wedding rings and jewelry for your big day will make the experience more conscious and new to you and your partner while lessening the carbon footprint. You can also opt for natural lab diamonds and recycled gold to make the experience even more unique. 


Choose an eco-feel setting. 



Pick a place that feels green to you! It can be your local park, beach, farm, or venue that holds a green feel. This way, your wedding images, and the decoration’s most vital focal point are nature’s wonders. 


Recyclable + Reusable table centerpieces 



One of the best ways to include your guests in a sustainable bridal experience is by taking home mason jars and empty glass bottles. Feel free to share a handwritten note with an earth emoji! For an extra touch, you can pick a wedding slogan that reflects the sentiment of nature and what makes this day so unique. 


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