What to Wear to a Black Tie Wedding

What to Wear to a Black Tie Wedding

Black tie is not only the most formal wedding dress code, but it’s also fairly common—especially for evening weddings. Sometimes, guests aren’t sure what a black tie dress code entails, so we’re sharing a breakdown of what you should expect and plan on wearing to your next black tie event.



For Women

For women attending black tie events, full-length formal gowns are typical. This is the most formal dress code, so it’s fitting to opt for a full length gown. Alternatively, you can also wear a formal jumpsuit or pantsuit, depending on your personal style. The key is wearing something that fits the occasion—cocktail dresses are unacceptable, as are any shorter length skirts. The color of your dress doesn’t matter, aside from two rules: definitely do not wear white, and try to avoid wearing the same color as the bridesmaids if possible. Otherwise, anything is fair game!



For Men


Black tie means just that for men: a black tie. This dress code requires a tuxedo. Traditionally, this means a classic black tux with a black bow tie (hence the name), but as modern men’s fashion evolves, you can play around with color a bit, as long as you’re still in a formal tuxedo. If you don’t own a tuxedo, a dark suit is fine, but it has to be a dark color to be acceptable at a black tie event. 

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