All About Bridal Hats!

All About Bridal Hats!

You might envision a long, flowing veil, sparkly shoes, and a gorgeous dress when picturing a bride's wedding day look. While that's one way to dress during your day-of celebration, brides who want to branch out have plenty of options. There is no end to the ways you can wear your signature style, whether it is a jumpsuit instead of a gown or sneakers instead of heels. What’s another fun way to dress up your wedding day look? Skip the veil and opt for a bridal hat!


Bridal headpieces such as clips and caps are replacing veils among many brides. Every type of bridal aesthetic is becoming a fan of bridal hats. Imagine a boho ceremony with a soft felt fedora, or a country chic wedding with a white cowboy hat. For outdoor ceremonies, some brides choose hats to shield their eyes from the sun, while others wear them for the reception or grand entrance. After the wedding, you can easily incorporate most bridal hats into your everyday wardrobe! 


There's likely to be a bridal hat to fit your style, no matter what your vision for the big day is. And here at After 5 And Weddings, we’re super excited to share that we now feature Gigi Pip bridal hats in our store!



Gigi Pip is a leader in the women’s hat market and boasts dozens of hat styles at just a fraction of the price of any other custom hat makers! The incredible creators of this brand saw a gap in the market between high-quality fashion hats and what most women can afford, so we’re thrilled to offer some of these beautiful bridal hats to our customers.



If you’re looking for an elegant way to spruce up your bridal look, we highly encourage you to consider trying one of these impeccable hats out! Book your appointment with us today!