Bridal Accessories

Bridal Accessories

 Selecting the perfect bridal gown is only half the fun of planning your wedding look. Ask anyone, accessories are everything. Whether you’re looking for something glamorous to help you feel red-carpet-ready, or something subtle to delicately decorate your features, here are some of our favorite finishing touches to complete your bridal look:

Head Pieces




Let’s start at the top, literally. Regardless of what hairstyle you’re leaning towards, adding an accessory can elevate your “I do” hair-do in many ways. Wedding veils are available in many lengths to frame different sections of your body, ranging anywhere from just surrounding your face to trailing several feet behind your dress. Veils are a common, traditional choice, and many brides opt for just this one addition to their look. Additionally, many other accessories can be incorporated into your hairstyle, as well, from shimmering pins and glitzy tiaras, to seashells, decorative combs, and ribbons. 





Jewelry allows you to personalize your wedding look with glimmering details. We have a few recommendations to help you decide on the right jewelry for you. If you’re wearing an extravagant dress, you may want to opt for more minimalist pieces that won’t distract from the gown, such as a band bracelet or pearl earrings. If your gown is on the simple side, then brightly colored gems or a statement necklace can really help add a layer of luxury to your look.





Finally, the shoes that you wear on your wedding day matter, even if your gown covers them! Shoes can be used to add a pop of color or glitter that will just peek through the bottom of your dress occasionally. Most importantly, you should look for a pair that you can count on to be comfortable throughout a full day of walking and standing. If you do end up falling in love with a risky stiletto or sky-high pump, don’t shy away from packing a pair of back-up flats to change into for your reception. 

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