Bridal Cape Trends

Bridal Cape Trends

The classic cathedral veil has been a beloved finishing touch to a bride’s look for ages, but recent years have seen the revival of a centuries-old trend: the bridal cape! Although popularized in the Victorian period, capes today are seen as a modern twist to traditional bridal headpieces. As opposed to veils extending from the bride’s hairstyle, capes extend from the top of the dress, which allows for easier removal whenever needed. Here’s a list of some of our favorite trends in bridal capes!



Sheer & Embellished

This type of cape consists of a sheer sheet of mesh, chiffon or tulle decorated with various embellishments, such as pearls, beads, lace, or florals. Sheer bridal capes gently cascade their wearer in a textured, delicate shadow and add a folklore-esque aura to your look.

Solid & Set

Solid wedding capes are crafted out of ivory-toned satin, silk, or other soft fabric, and envelope the bride in a sharp, defined frame. This cape style adds a bold, regal flair to your wedding dress, helping any bride feel like a queen at a royal ceremony. 



Short & Sweet

Short wedding capes, affectionately named ‘capelets,’ are exactly what you might imagine them to be: just like ordinary capes, but shorter in length. Bridal capelets start at your shoulders and end at your waist, emphasizing an hourglass shape by adding volume just around your upper body. Capelets are the perfect way to turn a timeless design into a chic, trendy accessory. 


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