Difference Between a Tux and a Suit

Difference Between a Tux and a Suit

It’s easy to focus on your dress so much you procrastinate finding the perfect attire for your groom! One of the biggest decisions you’ll make when finally deciding what the groom and groomsmen wear is whether you’ll opt for tuxedos or suits. While both are classic menswear and it’s difficult to go wrong, you’ll still need to know the key differences between the two.



One of the main differences between tuxedos and suits is the material. Suits are made entirely of one material, whereas tuxedos always feature satin details. Satin decorates the lapels and runs in a stripe down the pants, elevating the look. 


Another key distinction? Accessories: a tuxedo is typically paired with a cummerbund, bow tie, and suspenders, and suits usually feature longer ties and sometimes vests. You can play around with the accessories a bit more if you’re a fashion-forward man, but those are the typical looks men go for. 


Shoes also mark a difference, with tuxedos being worn with black, patent leather shoes, and suits being worn with either oxfords, loafers, or slip-on dress shoes. The level of formality is also a big difference: generally, tuxedos are for formal, evening events, while suits can be worn at any time of day and are often seen everywhere from formal events to business meetings. 

Both of these looks have room to style differently, depending on the man wearing them and his preferences. Sometimes a tux jacket can be white rather than black, or your groom could play with the color of his bowtie and cummerbund, or even add a vest if he chooses. Suits have more color and pattern options, even allowing you to pick shirt colors other than white—no matter what look you’re going for, you’ll find it at After 5 and Weddings. Book your appointment today!