Different Suits and Tuxedos for Different Venues

Different Suits and Tuxedos for Different Venues

The groom deserves just as much attention as the bride on the big day, even though the bride often receives most of the attention! Here at After 5 and Weddings, we always encourage our customers to consider the venue they’re getting married at when deciding on what type of tuxedo or suit to wear. Read on for some examples of popular wedding venues and the suits/tuxes that will look super sharp with them:




Church weddings tend to be the most traditional of venues and also tend to be more formal in nature, so it’s definitely a great opportunity for the groom to sport an incredible tuxedo. You definitely want to wear something that stands out and feels extra special!





Beach weddings are a lot more laid-back than other wedding venues, so feel free to experiment with a more casual approach to a suit! You definitely want to wear something that’s more lightweight and breathable, especially if you’re getting married outdoors on a warm beach. It’s also important to keep in mind that many beach weddings require some level of travel, so make sure your suit is fairly easy to transport to and from the venue.





We love garden weddings because they’re so intimate and can feel warm and cozy depending on the weather! Because a garden is a romantic venue, it’s a wonderful time to wear either a more casual-leaning tux or an elevated suit that feels appropriate for the natural elements around you. You also want to be able to move freely and choose fabrics that have lighter colors and are lightweight in general. 





Barn weddings are a good opportunity to explore a more rustic look, which is perfect for a suit that has a chill vibe to it. We find that tuxedos can be a bit stiff for a venue like this, though you can certainly opt for one if the theme of the wedding calls for it! We love the idea of making it a little fun with some interesting details like a bow tie or colorful socks!





Similarly to a church wedding, ballroom weddings are certainly more elevated and formal. This is the perfect spot for a black-tie affair, which means finding the perfect tuxedo that makes you look luxurious. We encourage you to consider a look that’s minimalistic in nature and more on the modern side.




We hope that this has given you some inspiration for finding the perfect tuxedo or suit for your wedding! And keep in mind that we offer a Suit & Tuxedo Program here, where you can shop from the comfort of your own home and build your own tux! You can choose from over 40 jackets and over 120 vest/tie options to suit your individual style with our Suit & Tuxedo Rentals. If you’re interested, book an appointment with us today at After 5 and Weddings!