Green-Themed Weddings

Green-Themed Weddings

This year, green has proven to be a fan-favorite color, popularly decorating magazine covers, runways, and Instagram feeds alike. Praised for its ability to counteract red undertones, green evens out many types of complexions and looks incredible on a range of skin tones! From light shades of mint to deep emerald hues, green is the perfect base for your spring wedding color palette. Here are some of our favorite color combinations for this trending tone to inspire your wedding decor:


Green + White




Starting with the most straightforward option, opting for a solely green and white wedding color palette is perfect for the minimalist, earthy type of bride. This combination pairs beautifully with outdoor ceremonies and encourages your decor to seamlessly blend with a surrounding natural landscape.


Green + Moody Warm Tones



If your bridal vision seeks an added level of drama, consider pairing lush greens with deep shades of burgundy and moody pinks. The warmth of these rosy tones pops exquisitely against the coolness of green, creating a visually appealing blend of complementary colors. 


Green + Muted Pastels



To create a lighter, dreamier wedding day theme, pair sage tones with muted pastels, such as powder pink, lavender, or baby blue. This color combination embodies the essence of spring, mirroring the soft shades of fresh blooms. 

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