New Arrivals: Green Suits

New Arrivals: Green Suits

We’re excited to announce the latest additions to our menswear collection at After 5 And Weddings: green suits! Our newest arrivals are available for purchase only, and come in two stunning, nature-inspired shades of green: seaglass and hunter.

Scroll to learn more about these latest looks and how you can style them.

The Seaglass Suit

The seaglass suit color can be best described as a pale, muted green that can almost be mistaken for a shade of lively grey. This suit pairs well with dress shirts and accessories in white, beige, brown, and silver tones. 


The Hunter Suit

The hunter suit color is a deep, shadowy green, dark enough to almost look like a neutral. This suit works best with white, beige, or pastel accessories and dress shirts.


 For men looking to step out of their comfort zone and try something bold, our new green suits are the perfect way to feel fashionable without feeling too flashy. 


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