Questions To Ask Your Bridal Consultant

Questions To Ask Your Bridal Consultant


It's the most unforgettable and indescribable feeling to shop for your wedding dress. We get a lot of questions from brides getting ready for their first appointment about how to tackle wedding dress shopping, so we thought we'd share our top tips! For a successful and seamless shopping experience, we've put together a list of questions to keep in mind while you prep for your appointment:


Ask about what silhouettes you should consider

In most cases, choosing a silhouette is the first step toward finding your dream dress. You can get help with that from your consultant!  A great question to ask your bridal consultant would be, ‘what shape would you recommend for me?” The reason why this is a great question is not to focus on what works best for your body (because let’s be real, you can wear whatever silhouette you want). This question acts as a great compass for finding the best silhouette because your bridal consultant will keep all the important factors in mind - your venue, what season you’re getting married in, whether you’re looking for something to hug your body or not, etc. 


Ask about wedding date limitations

It’s important to be transparent about your wedding date so that we understand how much time you have to find “the one.” We sell about 85% of our gowns from our inventory. We bring in new gowns all the time and can certainly order if you have the timeline! So be sure that you ask your bridal consultant about your timeline and any limitations that might arise. We always recommend that brides shop for their wedding dress one year out from their date. 


Ask for a few dresses that are totally different

Your consultant can tell you what dress would look amazing on you if you can't decide between styles. You need a wild card sometimes to find out what you want! Your consultant could have suggested a sheath instead of a beaded a-line, and you might have fallen in love with it. 


Ask about alterations

Changing your wedding dress may not be on your radar right now, but it's a very important topic to discuss with your consultant. It's especially important for petites and busty brides, since certain aspects to keep in mind will simplify the alterations process and save you money later.  Although we do not have an in-store seamstress, we have some exceptional referrals both here in Bozeman, as well as around the state. Our consultants are trained to know just what to recommend for alterations and customizations. We also offer a variety of service packages that include steaming and pressing, preservation, and storage until your wedding date! 

If you’re ready to find your dream wedding dress, book your appointment with us now!