Suits and Tuxedos 101

Suits and Tuxedos 101

Finding your perfect wedding dress is one of the biggest keys of planning your wedding, but it’s important to remember that the groom needs something to wear too! One of the biggest keys is choosing the right suit or tux for your wedding. The choice of what suit or tux you choose depends on the groom’s personal style, as well as how formal you want your wedding to be. If you’re conflicted, here are a few of our favorite suits and tuxes for different wedding styles most popular with our brides!

For A Classic Look with A Twist



A navy suit is perfect for couples planning a traditional wedding with a bit of modern flair. You get the classic look of a suit in a dark color, but with a hint of color that brightens the overall look of the wedding. A suit is a slightly less formal look, as is navy, which makes this the perfect option for outdoor weddings or boho brides who want a slightly traditional look. 

For Easygoing Elegance



A light grey suit is perfect for couples looking for something that suits any color scheme, and immediately creates an effortless elegance. Especially great for outdoor ceremonies, beach weddings, and winter weddings. Light grey is also perfect for fashion-forward grooms who aren’t sure they want to wear a classic black tux. 

Pop of Color



If your groom is really looking for an out-of-the-box style with a pop of color, find a tux jacket that stands out. A colored jacket will add a stunning pop of color, while still giving a formal look perfect for your wedding. If you want the color to be subtle, opt for something darker like a deep burgundy, dark green, or deep blue. 




There’s no way to go wrong with a classic black tux! The black tux is completely timeless, and seamlessly blends into any season, time of day, or wedding aesthetic. It’s the perfect choice for the groom who wants to look good, but isn’t too keen on taking fashion risks. 

If you’re searching for suits and tuxes for your wedding, book an appointment at After 5 and Weddings and we’ll help you find the best tuxedos for your big day.