Trends in Menswear: Velvet

Trends in Menswear: Velvet

The holidays and velvet have always gone hand in hand, but the latest looks in menswear have invited for the plush fabric to indulge in some year-round appreciation! Here are some of our favorite ways to incorporate this luxurious fabric into your next formal event:


Velvet Suits

Velvet suits have been spotted decorating red carpets and performance stages alike, outfitting a number of famous faces, from Jake Gyllenhaal to Bruno Mars. This style isn’t bound to just classic black; bright pastels and jewel tones make velvet shine just that much more. Velvet suits are the ultimate statement-making apparel choice.

Velvet Jackets

If a two-piece suit isn’t calling to you, consider trading out the velvet trousers for a pair of neutral-colored dress pants made of typical fabrics, and throwing a velvet jacket on up top. This option is perfect if you’re wanting to add something unique to your attire, but would prefer to not commit to a full suit.


Velvet Shoes

For those looking for an even subtler touch of this shimmering fabric, velvet shoes are the way to go. Velvet shoes are an elegant touch that will elevate a traditional suit to something glamorous and trendy, without calling too much attention to your look. 


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